Day two : Who are the different generations ?

Lectures about “Who are the different generations? What are their characteristics? How do they behave in life, at school ?

IpGenY DayTwo1

  1. Generation Y” by Roxana SARBU (Timisoara) :
  2. Generation Z + “Intergenerational communication” by Patrick DEJARNAC (HELMo) :
  3. Form@hetice » by Brigitte DENIS (ULg) :


IpGenY DayTwo4

Work group : Gathering, analyzing and summarizing the information about “generations” in order to build content and to insert it into our communication media : portfolio, blog, website, e-learning.

IpGenY DayTwo2

Regarding the work of these two days, which element do you put forward?

  1. Mostly Blogs and WEB-sites. They have worked little with those tools but would like to explore the tools more. That why they choose it.
  2. Talked about interactive blackboards – many students have never tried Smartboards.
  3. Blog with WordPress. Google docs and Prezi and theory of generations were new to us, and we would like to explore that more.
  4. Y and Z generation is mostly the same. We are compatible with the new Z generation….. we do understand them – we think?
  5. We teach the new generation with ICT, but are the parents ready to help. them at home. Are they ICT native as well? or will they have the skills to help their kids?
  6. Web-sites and Blogs. Explore the structure and how to integrate them.

The students want to work more with the tools in practical work. So the can master the tools enough to decide whether or not to use them in classes.

Final questions of the day

IpGenY DayTwo5

  • Is the lectures of this morning and your work of this afternoon sufficient to not be only on the wave, but to see under the wave to be able to adapt teaching at the new generation and resolve the actualy school (technology) limits ? If your response is «no», what do you needs? How to obtain it? How to integrate it at your work?
  • This morning, it was said that technology tools is not finality. Have you integrate this dimension in your works? Is the time on the tools this two days on the right place? Or have they occupied to much place compare to the process of teaching?

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