Day three : ICT tools and e-ducation


Source :

Morning lectures

1° Mobile learning by Kaj Nedergaard JEPSEN (Denmark) :


Source :

The SAMR model for helping teachers and educators to understand and bette integrate tehchnology in their classroom.

Ruben Puentedura : his blog : and a video

2° Game Generation. Learning by playing? by Sonja GABRIEL (Vienne)

The Sonja’s presentation : (to download)

Some links

3° LE : Personal Learning Environment by Jordi SIMON (Barcelona)

The Jordi’s presentation :

Some links :

Where is the center of the PLE? For Jordi = iGoogle.  For me = a privately blog and you…?

4° The New Tecnhologies in the  classroom as an engaging element that enhances learning and the creation of digital  content from different essay tools by Rocio FERNANDEZ (Valencia)

His presentation :

Activity EDILIM :

IP Questionarie :

UCVnet : >

5° New Media Strategies by Hugo DE ALMEIDA (Santarém)

His presentation :

Reference :

Afternoon activity : How can this media/tool be used to teach better and improve intergenerational communication into the classes?

  1. Pick your group
  2. Go to the local community and learn something about it
  3. Collect about information about subject (history, traditions, people…)
  4. Use at least one ict tool to expose your theme
  5. Don’t forget the focus question!
  6. Prepare your work to the presented (thursday morning) !

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