Day five : ICT sequences in schools


Prepare a short presentation of what you have experienced in the school/classroom and try to find out positive and negative point using the ICT method you experienced in class. Presentation will be given Monday morning.

  • What did you experience?
  • What are the benefits and disavantage using the tool in class?
  • Presentation about visiting school with one more (another) tool.
  • 20 min. build Friday PM, show Monday

Some questions you can have in your mind:

  • What’s doing the teacher (with and without ICT)?
  • In which zone of confort (1 – 6) was the teacher?
  • What are doing the students (with and without ICT)?
  • ICT : Which are the ICT avantages/disavantages for the teacher?
  • ICT : Which are avantages/disavantages for the students?
  • Which is the ICT place in the lesson? Is it improve it? How?
  • Which are the differencies and similarities compare to old technologies (paper, blackboard, …)?
  • Which pedagogy have you observe? Will be it the same without ICT?
  • Will you be a student/a children in this lesson? Why?
  • Will you have take this tool in this lesson to teach? Why? How?

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