Day 8 : What is Generation Z & how to teach them?

Wednesday morning, five groups of European students (participating in the Intensive Programme “e-culture”) gave way, for an hour, five classes of students to St. Croix. The theme of the presentations were: “What is Generation Z How to teach them?”.

The classes :

  • BAC1 Languages
  • BAC1 Languages
  • BAC3 Primary
  • BAC3 Primary
  • BAC3 Human sciences
la foto

Photo from Elena take in one HELMo’s class

European students had instructions for, among others, use one or more ICT tools (Prezi, video, data projector, internet and social networks …) and ensure their multicultural communication (presentations were in English -> how to be understood by Francophones).
After an initial debriefing, both with our students HELMo that European students (and their teachers), it appears that this activity was very experienced and she has to share rich content both on the same time (in class).
Finally, some European students propose to create a Facebook group to continue sharing (despite the physical distance) some information and some questions.

Photo from Eunice in one HELMO’s class

Thank you teachers  (Guy W., V. Gregory, Anne B., D. Gregory, Frederick C.) and  students HELMo for their hospitality and their involvement in the project this morning. This remains a very nice human memory and learning! 🙂

Read the comments to follow presentations’ link.

3 thoughts on “Day 8 : What is Generation Z & how to teach them?

  1. It was a good experience but i felt it to be very stressfull because of langauge barriers. Besides all dificulties the students seem to be interested and curious about us and about generation Z. We were able to catch their atention and engage them in the activities. Our group splitted in two and teached two different classes using, video, glogster, powerpoint and socrative as tools. It was a good experience in terms of teaching and in terms of multiculturallity.


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