Day 10 : What did I learn during those two weeks ?


What did I learn during those two weeks ?

Think to all the things you explored, experienced, created and practiced those two weeks…


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14 thoughts on “Day 10 : What did I learn during those two weeks ?

  1. My personal note
    I’m 37. I had never believed before than one day I could participate in such an IP.
    I came to this without actual wishes, but a lot of expectations.
    I have discovered some very interesting tools and some very interesting ways of using these tools in my future way of teaching. 
    I’m not from the Gen-Y and still less from the Gen-Z, but the pupils I will have to teach will all be from these generations. I had no choice. I had to discover this universe of the people of the XXI° s.
    ICT are some good media to get my teaching better. Using them, as we were trained during these 10 days is good way to fight the old boring ways of teaching that don’t allow school to adapt itsefl to new generation.
    Using ICT is a way to show our pupils than the teacher who teaches them lives in the same world than they do. That a good way of telling them that they are understood, that we know their way of living, the tools they use, the world wich they live in.
    I’ve learned these very important things. You have to know the pupils you have to teach if you want to be a good teacher. I might be an odlfashioned teacher because I didn’t know nything about ICT, ony how to use a computer as a old electronic copywriter. 
    Now, I think that able to adapt my teaching, by using ICT.
    But I also know that Belgium, and morever Wallonia, has to make effort to adapt the education to the new profiles of the students of this century. 
    School is a very old institution which can change, but we have to give it the exmple, showing it some personal motivation, sone individual attempts. 

  2. What did we do good?
    Interesting presentations, lectures and tools. Very good team in Helmo and good organization.

    What can we do better?
    Have (better) WiFi connection. Divide better the presentations : for me, we had all the “good” presentations in the first week. Then, during the second week we don’t make anything but talking about what we think and how to use tools …

    How did we interact?

    What did work?
    the interactions between the group of students and the teachers, the presentations, the organization…

    What did not work?
    Wifi Connection.

    What does it all mean for us as future teachers?
    Using ICT’s in teaching lessons is a good idea and a good way to interact and to adapt our lessons to the future generations. But if we use these tools, we have to use it in a good way and for a precise goal! Using tablets, smartboards or other tools just to say that we use tools is not a good solution. We have to see the positive point of our tool!

    Benefits and disadvantages?
    We can think that using ICT tools is good and easy but it’s not! Making a movie, a prezi, a glogster or some other tools takes a vew time and we have to make it easy to read and to understand. This is one of the benefits : one tool used in a good and interesting way can send a message to the children that no book or no exercise paper can do!

  3. I think, there was a lot of interactivity between students. But also with the teachers. I learned a lot of things… I don’t know where to begin… Tools, how to teach with ICT, mistakes, how to make a good presentation, how to have a plan B ;-)… And so much other things.
    Even if I have not the answer about “What is THE good way of teaching?”, we discuss about it many times and it was interesting.
    As a future teacher, i really thing i will use ICT in my lessons. I’m sure I will not do everything with them, but i hope it will make my courses more attractive.
    Next year, I have to do my final work. I really want to do it about GenY and ICT. So for me these two week were all benefits.

    I want to thanks everybody and I hope I will see some of you in the future.


  4. I liked the group works very much and I think the presentations were also very good. We exchanged experiences and opinions and so the work was very interesting for me.
    Before we started our group works, we talk together and thought about what we are going to do now. After that decision, we distributed the work.
    One day we had to teach a real class. It was very interesting to plan such a lesson together with other students of different countries. But unfortunately the students of Helmo couldn’t speak English, so I couldn’t talk to them. That was a shame.
    I learned a lot about the different generations and different tools. Now I know, that it is very important to think of these generations, when I’m talking with the parents of my pupils or other people of generation z.
    Learning with ICT tools may be very positive and engage the students, but you have to keep in mind the relation with the students and the use of the tools in order to have no problems like, kids getting bored, dissipating their attention or not even listening, and you have also to concern technological problems like internet connection failure or other software/hardware difficulties. Using ICT tools may deliver positive results in teaching.

    The students of today give a big importance to their relation with others, they are very emotional and like to be recognized and appreciated. The relationship between teacher and student has to become less rigid and cold to start being more close and personal. Knowing the name, competences, feelings and tastes of the student is part to understanding him and to help him achieve his goals. But you must always remember not to lose track of your function as a teacher!

  5. Helle, Denmark:

    Think to all the things you explored, experienced, created and practiced those two weeks.

    What did we do well?

    We tried to create a lot of different things during an exploring of the ICT tools, which was a very good way to give us some ideas and stuff to work with in the future. Google Docs is one of the tools that we used most, but we did also experience a lot during the use of Prezi, etc..

    What can we do better?

    We didn’t use as much time as I could hope on learning how the things work, which could’ve been a very good idea.

    How do we interact?

    Our group work was characterized by discussions and writing in Google Docs. Most of the time we spoke English, but it did happen that some members spoke France, Spanish or Portuguese to improve their understanding.

    What did work?

    Using Google docs for our reflections is a very good way of cooperation. Every ICT tools work, it just depends on the result. What do I need? I have to be sure that the tool I choose is going to help me and not to be a problem.

    What did not work?

    There’re always some problems with understanding and communicating in English, but then there’s others ways of communication.
    It can be a problem to get wireless connection, but internet shouldn’t be a problem for the future teacher.

    Why do we think it did work or not?

    It was a problem when we had to restart a discussion of explanation because of the understanding.

    What does it all mean for us as (future) teachers?

    We must be better at communication and try to teach our student the same, as well as we’ll have to teach the student and discover for our self what is functional and what isn’t? In the use of ICT tools we’ll also have to tell show/ try to teach the student the danger of the internet.

    Benefits and disadvantages?

    During these two weeks we’ve learned a lot about the different cultures and their use of internet and web pages. That’s a good benefit. A disadvantages is the language, but in the end everyone understand, it just takes more time.

  6. During these weeks have reinforced my idea that ICT can be the element that change our educational system. Also I exchanged ideas about education with collegues from other countries and this has made me have new different perspectives.
    However, I would have liked to talk more about methodologies or how the school must change (the role of the teacher, the school organisation…) in order to integrate ICT. I think that speak only about tools impoverishes our work because you are just replacing the paper and the pen for ICT.
    The organisation of the IP was really good and we have very good relationhip with all partners (now friends) and with teachers. I really recommend this experience!!!!!

  7. What did we do good?
    Besides how can we use some important tools, we interact with people/students from other countries with other cultures, we learned how to understand each other, we learned others countrie traditions and that was for me a good experience.
    The structured program – was another important and good thing
    The practical activities and the possibility to put these activities/tools in our lives.
    What can we do better?
    – A flexibile program
    – More activities in which should be integrate both teachers and students

    How did we interact?

    The teachers were engaged but just in IP activities
    The responsabilities were distributed between all teachers

    What did work?

    The program work according the initial plan but there were some inconvenience like internet worked to slow 😉

    What did not work?

    Like I said before, the network was slow and…sometimes the showers from the Hostel (were cold) 😉

    What do we think it did work or not?

    It works because we had a plan to follow and because were people behind this program who worked for these results. Also we had plenty of tools and apps which helped us to succeed in our activities. It did not work sometimes because of the difficulties of language or maybe we were distracted by other stimuli ;).


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