Day six : ICT, pedagogy and simplicity (morning)


Presentations by the students

IP Generation @ Radio Saint-Lambert

Friday a group of students was at Saint-Lambert school. Here the link to the interview our students made when visiting the school using the radio tool.

Students and Teachers @ Radio Saint-Lambert

The post from Radio Saint-Lambert (you can listen to the interview) :

Mobile/tablet or not mobile/tablet in the classroom?

Today two different news in two different ways present the use of mobile phone or tablets in classroom. 

USA : 73% of Teachers Use Cellphones for Classroom Activities

More middle- and secondary-school teachers are using digital tools in their classrooms and professional lives, a new report says. A study by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project released Thursday delves into teachers’ increasing technology use, but also expresses educators’ concerns about the digital divide.

Use of mobile technology dominates the learning process, the study finds. Seventy-three percent of teachers say that they or their students use cellphones in the classroom or to complete assignments. Nearly half of respondents use e-readers and tablets for teaching.

via 73% of Teachers Use Cellphones for Classroom Activities.

Plan B: Too cool for school: 7 reasons why tablets should NOT be used in education

Good technology always has an allure and iPads have tons of allure, but it’s an allure that appeals to adults not children. I can see a use for tablets with young children 3-9 and perhaps in special needs. Once beyond the basics of play, the iPad is a luxury that schools cannot afford. Neither are they desirable in terms of the type of learning that schools largely deliver. These initiatives are often technology and not learning-led.

via Donald Clark Plan B: Too cool for school: 7 reasons why tablets should NOT be used in education.

What can you respond to Donald Clark? Which is your opinion?

Day five : ICT sequences in schools


Prepare a short presentation of what you have experienced in the school/classroom and try to find out positive and negative point using the ICT method you experienced in class. Presentation will be given Monday morning.

  • What did you experience?
  • What are the benefits and disavantage using the tool in class?
  • Presentation about visiting school with one more (another) tool.
  • 20 min. build Friday PM, show Monday

Some questions you can have in your mind:

  • What’s doing the teacher (with and without ICT)?
  • In which zone of confort (1 – 6) was the teacher?
  • What are doing the students (with and without ICT)?
  • ICT : Which are the ICT avantages/disavantages for the teacher?
  • ICT : Which are avantages/disavantages for the students?
  • Which is the ICT place in the lesson? Is it improve it? How?
  • Which are the differencies and similarities compare to old technologies (paper, blackboard, …)?
  • Which pedagogy have you observe? Will be it the same without ICT?
  • Will you be a student/a children in this lesson? Why?
  • Will you have take this tool in this lesson to teach? Why? How?