Day one : What will be you school in 2039 ? | Basic groups

During the IP, the participants will work in two kinds of groups: 1°) basic groups and 2°) temporary groups.
The basic groups will mix students from different countries. Five basic groups will be created among all the participating students. Those basic groups will work together regularly at several times during the two weeks of the IP. This will increase teamwork, assure selfconfidence and dynamize group spirit.


Each basic group will have to create an “e-speed” presentation (length = max 7 minutes) based on the theme “My school in 2039?”. The goal is to create content (original or downloaded) to explain how we imagine/dream our school system in 25 years. The presentations will be held in front of the entire group (teachers+students). Every kind of tool can be used: PowerPoint, Prezi, Glockster, videos, paper or blackboard drawings… Final goal is to publish and/or link all the presentations on the IP’s Facebook page + on the IP’s official blog.
Basic groupswpid-imgp1397-version2-2014-03-10-10-43.jpg
Group 1 :
Group 2 :
Group 3 :

Group 4 :wpid-imgp1404-version2-2014-03-10-10-43.jpg

Group 5 :

Use the comments of this post to publish the link to your presentation. Thank you !


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