Day one : What will be you school in 2039 ? |  Workshop & Presentation

After the lectures, students works on their presentation on the theme “My school in 2039?”. The goal is to create content (original or downloaded) to explain how we imagine/dream our school system in 25 years.

They mix technologic and traditional tools


They discuss between groups

by pairs

and in whole group

Then the presentations in 3 minutes.

First passage Group :
The first group begin with some questions to the other students. The questions are for the two weeks. Can they respond to them since the end of the IP ? That is the question.

The presentation :

Second passage Group :
Thematics : innovations (technology innovations…), changes in learning (as more autonomous work, more self learning, more after school program), changes in teaching (more possibilities for differentiation), what children gain (critical thinking, kinesthetic learning…), obsolete (paper maps, frontal teaching, learning by heart, communication with parent through handwritten papers or school diaries), importance of the teacher (can’t be replaced by any device…)

The presentation :

Third passage Group :
Thematics : context (where, what, how), education (more pratical, focused on experience, prepare to get a job), teacher’s role (methodology : flipped classroom, they will be confortable with technologies), student’s role (learner autonomy, critical, …), ICT Tools, Life Learning process.

The presentation :

Forth passage Group :
You download your lesson online with your phone or your tablet or computer, you have group tables (where is the teacher)
Conclusion : « The future belongs to those who prepare for it today » Malcom X (a biography in video :

Last passage Group :
Vision of a big campus with all the education levels in order to improve all the learning process.
More technology on the classrooms.

The presentation :


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