Day Three : Explain/teach to a stranger what ??? is | Presentation

This workshop happens in basic groups and takes place outside, in town (Liège). The students will have to gather content and video material in order to create a short movie (max length = 7 minutes) on an imposed topic.
Themes : 1. Simenon 2. Tchantchès 3. Péket 4. Le Carré 5. history or mix one or more of this themes…
The goal of the video is: “Explain/teach to a stranger what ??? is”. This video will be published on the IP’s FB page and blog. This afternoon’s work is mainly based on filming.
Your movie must explain to a stranger something about Liège = a video guided tour. Be creative !
The basic groups will have to edit their video in order to present it to the entire group + the videos will be broadcasted online.
Goal of each basic group: obtain as much comments and “likes” about about their work (challenge= at the end of the week, the video with the most comments will win a prize ☺).
Group 1 : Enjoy your day in Liège

Group 2 : Le Carré (Wax Tailor — Positively Inclined)

Group 3 : Georges Simenon in Liege

Group 4 : Love is in Liège

Group 5 : What is Le Carre and Peket ?

The conversation during the presentations :
In early afternoon, a short critical analysis of this workshop :
What worked, what net wrong, how can we improve for the next video creation ? Individually, by pairs or by groups


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