Day Two : Presentations on “What are the characteristics of my generation?”

During this workshop, the groups have to gather, analyze and summarize the information about their own generation (probably mainly “generation Y” and/or “generation Z”).
Why this pictures are related to our generation ?
All the presentations :
Group 1 : Precious moment
Keywords : happiness (enjoy your life and smile), freedom
Group 2 : Travel Generation
Keywords : travel, openminded, world, learn from each others, materialistic
Group 3 : Technovations
Keywords : communication, other countries, travelling with more facilities, enjoying life, freedom, flexibility, family & friends, sports, arts, nature, solidarity, ecology
Group 4 : Re-generation
Keywords : free, enjoying your job, tribal culture, family & friends, open minded, materialistic, flexible, globalized, secure, stable, less spiritually
Group 5 : Challenges for the Generation Y
Pause : stop, have a break, go back to the nature, reconsider, reflect, think
Find new ways – be nobody !
Shapes and shadows.


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