Day Three : What school do we dream in 2039?

Intercultural meeting between the european IP students and Belgian HELMo students (second year future primary school teachers) this afternoon. Goal of their discussions: “What school do we dream in 2039?”. Here are two Prezi links with the presentations of 2 of the 6 groups:

Critical analysis: about the discussions with HELMo’s students. Each group will have to summarize and highlight the key points that were discussed with HELMo’s students. This has to be a critical analysys: what are the benefits and disadvantages of what we dreamed for our schools in the future? Each group will have to write a note to be published on the IP’s blog and linked on the IP’s FB page.
For introduce the discussion :
In 2039 you´ll be the people who are leading the school and the world. Which kind of school have you built and why?
The discussion was engaged through 7 questions to respond on a Google Group :!forum/our-school-in-2039

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