Day eight : Generation Why ? | Student presentation

Generation Why ? Presentation by Dani, Didac, Jaime & Rafael 

Monday morning and time to remobilize teachers and students:

The students prepared a small activity, that showed the “digital gap” and cultural differences between different pupils all over the world. There are huge differences in the daily life of schools and ICT in schools around the world.

A little like in the army… 😉

Dani, Didac, Jaime and Rafael take the power !

At work.

Second time the presentation :

The students figured out that there are still borders in europe – even when they are less visible then before. There are two different borders:
– economic boarders
– technological borders – like ICT in school

They also showed, that there is a social gap, that saperates one social class from another
“Digital gap” – there is a difference between those who have access to internet and those who have not

The link to the presentation :

The presenters :



Dani, Didac, Jaime & Rafael: a great « thank you » for your implication, proposition and work. A very good introduction for this second week.

One thought on “Day eight : Generation Why ? | Student presentation

  1. It is my first day and I can feel a good atmosphere! Everyone is working and integrated. Nice to be here.
    Irene Verde


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