Day nine : Blegny’s mine | Visit underground

On the afternoon, we go in the older’s time and visit the Blegny’s mine.

Located between Liège and Maastricht, Blegny-Mine is one of the four authentic coalmines in Europe with underground drifts accessible for the visitors trhough the original shaft.

Situated at – 30 and – 60 meters, they allow a complete discovery of the procass of coal winning.

Since july 2012, Blegny-Mine and the 3 others majors mining sites in Wallonia (Le Bois du Cazier, Bois-du-Luc et Grand-Hormu) are recognized by UNESCO AS A WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

The students will have to share the impressions of their visit on the IP’s blog and FB page.


The arrival


The installations


The students


The students (2)20140318-182131.jpg


Ready to descend


Ready to descend (2)


Ready to descend (3)


The other group20140318-182539.jpg

Our guide20140318-182603.jpg


Underground (2)20140318-182642.jpgOur guide with dynamite !


We continue to descending (60m underground)20140318-182747.jpg

Student at work20140318-182811.jpgBack to Liège

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