Day nine : Social media & teaching | The Teaching

Teaching a lesson to HELMo students: giving practical examples about “The use of social media & teaching”
Goals :

  • to present, in a real practical way, several methods and/or tools to teach with new (social) media
  • the lesson must be multicultural -> understandable by non-english speaking students

Examples: languages with Quizzlet, maths with Geogebra, short novel writing with a blog, playing chess with Twitter…

Organization : 10h30 – 12h00

ROOMS 114/220/224                
group 1/3/5        = 10:30->10:45         
group 2/4/6        = 10:45->11:00        

Presentation Group 1

Students’HELMo at room 114

Presentation Group 2

11:00->12:00 = in debating groups: after your lesson, you will have to meet and discuss with the HELMo students in order to make a SWOT analyzis about every example you proposed. Those discussion groups will be smaller: about 6-9 students.

Debats room 114







To be publish :

  • a link to your presentation (in respond at this post)
  • the SWOT analysis (take a picture! and publish it on Facebook’s IP page).

Thank you !

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