Day ten: visit from “WAHA TV”

An active teaching program integrating video making and broadcasting + discussion with the students and teachers who created the tool: Thomas JUNGBLUT and Isabelle COLIN (CAV, Liège) and Emmanuel CHAPEAU (Lycée WAHA, Liège)


Home site WAHA TV

The website of WAHA TV is a project from the Lycée Waha (in cooperation with CAV-Centre AudioVisuel Liège) – an alternative school with about 800 students. The website is completely managed by the students (about 12-15 years old). The aim is to make a webdocumentary to share their works with parents and other people.

Here is an example from works from the students:

Pros/cons of that kind of projects:
+ motivation, engagement
+ promotion for the school
+ group project, collaboration
+ students learn media competence, media literacy
– needs time and content
– needs to be updated
– copyright
– technical difficulties
– evaluation and grading process


What are the steps to realise such a website:
– idea (came from the students)
– definition and philosophy of a blog, a webtv
– learning process (observation, analyse, creation)
– what’s wordpress, what’s cms?
– create a ‘web tree’
– create a name and a logo (observation – what is the audience, what are the goals?, analyse, creation)
– what is web-design? create a wordpress layout
– technical step: wordpress back-office

Here you find the video of the working process for the website of WAHA TV, a democratic process:

Thank you to WAHA TV project leaders and students !!


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