Some personal considerations about this IP

Dear students, teachers and finally friends, during my trip back to Switzerland, I take time to write some personnal considerations about this IP. I share with you. All the best for the two last days and all the following.


After a successful first edition, this second edition of the IP Generation Y brings me great satisfactions. I will resume here. But first thank you a lot, dear students, for your works and implication since the first day. It was a pleasure and honor to be in Liège with you.
Student involvement was very impressive during the workshops. I read summaries of the first week. This summaries indicated that if the students had not asked many questions during the lectures, they had nevertheless followed with interest and attention. As the first week was well balanced between discoveries of tools, workshop using social medias and theoretical contributions. Thank you to them!
This IP is generally denser than the first edition. It should be noted how students manage to keep up. I am delighted to see their final work
The mine visit was also a very interesting time especially emotionally. This visit brought a welcome breath in bringing us out of the urban space to integrate the campaign and a former industrial environment. Both evocations of a time near and far from us, compared with an old industry and technology, replace human in a dimension that transcends us. And what will become of our today’s technologies and their users in thirty or forty years ? Will we replaced these guides? And to evoke deeply which memories with our visitors ?
To return to the IP, such a session is also beneficial for teachers. Not only because it allows us to exchange between us and the students, but also because it exceeds the theoretical understanding of Generation Y to see this generation work in practice. I was even more impressed this year by their relationship and their use of social medias. As such, the exercise asking them to define their generation, and the realization of their video Liege, allowed me to see some sort of connections with their inner world and their practical involvement in the work. Stronger and interesting than any theorizing about them. I hope they can and will find their own way and develop it in school system.
In addition, this year the trade with students HELMo were more numerous and instructive. In dealing with technology and education, there was overall as a gap between these students and those of the IP HELMo . A signal that the question of the evolution of the school system is far from won, whatever the age of the teachers. We are still far to implement BYOD in school !
At the end, never forgot the human adventure in which every day we are engaged. Our diversity enrich whole of us. May we always keep openminded.
Just another day in paradise ! 😉

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