Press Review : Tools, tools, tools…

During students are in working progress for editing their web documentary, a Press Review concerning apps for iPhone and iPad about video and online social medias.

8 of the best iOS apps for shooting and sharing video—beyond Vine and Instagram – The Next Web



Let’s imagine you’re not toting a dedicated video camera or DSLR, but rather are using the the ever-present smartphone camera in your pocket. While you can always call on Instagram or Vine for shooting and sharing video, there are so many other cool video apps out there—some free, some costing a few dollars—that it’s worth broadening your field of view to include these eight innovative selections.



To read :
A list of tools about curation as a simpler alternative to blogging
Simply put, content curation involves taking content from other reputable websites and using it to create a piece of information that is useful to your target audience. Typical examples of content curation would include top 10 lists that discuss the best blog posts or marketing campaigns of the year. Curation can also mean the act of using sentences or paragraphs from other writers.
It’s for your PLE.
You search an alternative to padlet ? Try

And here, an educational exemple’s padlet concerning First World war (in french):

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