19 thoughts on “Final report: “What did I learn during this IP?”

  1. What did I learn during this IP ?
    – How to handle and use social media in teaching
    – New teaching tools (Fakebook, Socrative, Edmodo etc.. )
    – Importance of videos on the internet
    – (more or less) to make a video with different online tools (MovieMaker, Audocity, etc..)
    – To reflect intergenerational education (“Generation X” and “Generation Babyboom”)
    – A lot about my own generation
    – How to make classes more interesting for students
    – How to make a “swot” analysis
    – Importance of copyrights
    – How to build a lesson using ICT and social media tools but to keep it simple at the same time
    – To work with students from different countrie’s 
    – To overcome language barriers 😉
    – To set privacy settings on facebook..

    – A lot of new Social Medias which you can use in teaching ( Fakebook, Edmodo, Quizlet, Socrative,… )
    – How to use known Social Media like Facebook, Twitter,..
    – New aspects of advantages and disadvantages about using Social Media in teaching
    – A lot of new video editing programs ( WindowsMovieMaker, VideoScribe, MovAvi,.. )
    – What our generation is like
    – What “ SWOT” analysis are and how to make
    – What are copyrights
    – the right settings of privacy ( on Facebook, … ), make sure what you put online
    – How to communicate with others who don´t speak the same languages – languages barriers
    – Different ways of communication

  3. The most important thing I’ve learned during these two weeks – apart from the tools themself obviously – is that I should have an open-minded and positive approach towards new media technologies in school. There is a lot of possibilities for using these tools at school and it is important go keep them in mind when planning a lesson. I will try to implement some of the ideas into my practices as soon as possible.

    Thanks to all the people who made this possible!

  4. The last two weeks have been amazing and very interesting. I’ve learned a lot, not only about how to use ICT in classroom, but also about myself and others people from Europe and how theirs teaching methods are in their country. I have also learned to be critical about using ICT and always have a goal while using it. And introduce ICT slowly and make sure that ICT is not dominating the classroom. I have learned how to work in groups with different people from other countries and to analyze our teaching methods and videos by SWOT. In the future I will for sure use more ICT in classroom. But I will always keeping in mind, thinking about the pros and cons using the ICT. I have got a lot of ideas that I can use in class, and I’m really looking forward to become a teacher this summer, so I can start using ICT and make a different to the students 😉 I’m also feeling lucky that we in Denmark have so many possibilities and in every school there are computers for the students.
    I have learned a lot and I will always remember this awesome trip to Liége and the amazing people from around the world!

  5. Luiza

    What have I learned during the IP:

    I have learned that Social Media can be integrated into teaching in a fun and safe way. I have always been a bit skeptical. Still, we need to be cautios with small aged children. The internet is not suitable for primary school. Also, the new developed apps can be of great help for children with special needs.
    I have learned about tools that I have never heard before (like Fakebook and Socrative). I learned a bit more about video editing. Also, the lectures about internet and privacy got me concerned. I had security settings from before but now, they don’t seem to be enough. Knowing that everything is stored somewhere, is disturbing.
    Altough it is not exactly something that I learned, it is something that I had the chance to do again: team work. I don;t have this opportunity at home often because at the master course,usually, task are individual. So I am glad that I had the chance to do it again.
    I have learned new information about the educational system of other countries.
    Finally, I think that education will adapt to the inovations in technology and Social Media and schools need to be open minded about them. A balance must be kept between modern and traditional, between playing an app or making a video and reading at least 10 books in the summer vacation, as some teachers require :)))))))

    The role of the teacher will always be the most important.
    I am glad I had the chance to come to this IP. It has been a wonderfull experience, I had met amazing people. Thank you!!!!

  6. What have I learned?
    In these two weeks I want to emphasize that I have learned mainly the importance of knowing how to use the tools that give us education new technologies.
    I have learned to use very interesting programs I want to do in the future as a teacher in my classes.
    Moreover, I have seen very important to know the laws on data protection and know how it should be used with students.

    I have learned that we must create change in education and get to the level of today’s society in order to give a quality education.

    I liked it, see how it works in other countries and what are your preferences in education. What I hope to learn and to see other ways of working that you can implement in my work.

    Overall I’m a very good experience, which I will grow as a safe future teacher.

    Thanks to the organization and all partners for these 15 days.
    I hope to meet again someday.

  7. These last two weeks in HELMo’s were marvellous and I’m grateful that I could be here. I learnt a lot of things during this IP, not only about the tools and how to use it, but to teach with them. I’m not going to be a teacher in the future, but it was really good to get more knowledge about it. And who knows if I’m going to use this one day?
    I feel like I grew up a little as a person with all of you. Hearing you giving your opinions, seeing different viewpoints was good and I learnt more about working in groups, with people I didn’t know before. I think these points were the strongest ones. This experience, I’m going to keep it in my heart forever. I only can thank you all for provide these amazing and wonderful two weeks. Hope to see everyone again one day.

  8. “What did I learn during this IP?”

    – How to work in groups.
    – New teaching methods like fakebook, Socrative, quizlet…
    – Differents advantages and disadvantages… like its easy to use and dynamic, if wifi doesnt work you have a problem.
    – All kinds of generations (x,y,z,why..)
    – The analysis SWOT
    – The copyrights, and privacy…

  9. Danut

    During this IP I have learned about new tools that are useful and that I will use in the future. I have learned about implementing new methods in a classroom, according to the student’s age. Tools like Socrative and Quizlet can be useful for increasing the student’s involvement in class but I don’t think they should be used for a final evaluation. Also we need to keep a balance regarding giving quizzes in an anonymous environment.
    I have been familiar with Prezi for some time but now I have learned more about it and I am glad that I had the chance to use it so many times.
    I am convinced that Social Media can be useful in the teaching/learning process but a good teacher will know how to keep a balance between modern and traditional. Teachers need to be open minded to new methods.
    I had the chance of meeting great people. Thank you for the opportunity of being here, in this IP.

  10. What did I learn in this IP?

    During these two weeks we have done and learned a lot of interesting things. We have seen lots of presentations about the various tools, strategies and methods related to the Generation Y and the use of new communication and information technologies in the classroom.
    In my future career, I hope to have the necessary resources in order to make my job in a proper way, I mean, knowing the needs and abilities of my students in order to increase them, using in my educational programming, all the tools that I have met here in the last days.
    In my opinion, the most interesting part of this experience, it has been able to work and have a good time with colleagues from other countries, universities and careers. It is interesting to know how they work and think about education. It has not always been easy, but the end result was really good.
    Finally, I would like to recommend this experience to all those who are interested in improving their skills as educators and also increase their level of English.


  11. After my participation in this IP – Generation Y I consider this a positive experience. During these two weeks we learnt some useful tools for my academic formation and professional future. Although I’m not intending to be a teacher in the future,I feel that in social education this experience becomes rewarding. This IP allowed to share,learn and discuss ideas with different cultures. Another positive point of this experience was to improve my English. Although I still have some difficulties it becames easier to understand the people around me because I had to be constantly in contact with them and they only talked in English.
    I also want to say that I consider Jérôme’s work was really great. They always helped when we needed and made us feel comfortable. It was a really great experience and I’m going to back to Portugal renewed and motivated. Thank you for everything and for this opportunity.

  12. “What did I learn during this IP?”

    For me this IP was a total suprise because I’m not studing to be a teacher so the lectures and the workshops were very challenging. However, making the videos for example was very easy and simple for me because I’m studing Communication and Multimedia so I already have the knowledge to do such pratical works.
    This was my first experience on a Intensive Programme and I think that all the team was very good and I want to thank you all for these two amazing weeks. And I also want to say a big thank you to all the people that were involved in this project. It was amazing to be able to talk with people from diferent countrys and diferent cultures and I have learned so much with them.
    Another important thing that I learned were the tools like Quizlet and Socrative. They are very simple and to me are very useful to present works, for example.
    All the lectures were very interesting and I learn more about my generation and had the possibilite to think and imagine how will be the school in 2039. I also learn what a SWOT analysis is and how we can make one and because of the workshops with the HELMO’s students i learn ways to communicate with people that speak a different language that me.

  13. What did I learn during this IP?

    In general it has been a very productive experience. I am very happy of being part of it. During the two weeks I have learnt:
    – How to use a SWOT table.
    – How to make a video and which programs I should use.
    – I improved my english and a little bit my french.
    – New tools (Socrative, Morfo, Edmodo, Fakebook, Quizlet, …).
    – How to work efficiently in groups.
    – How to use technology in an amazing way for the kids.
    – I improved my knowledge about Prezi.
    – How to introduce subtitles in a video.
    – Other educational systems used in Europe.
    – Experiences related with education from many classmates.
    – I have realized that I need to improve a lot my english.
    – The importance of the privacy in Facebook.
    – Copyrights.

  14. During these two weeks of the IP, we learnt a lot of interesting things about using ICT in classes. Thanks to the lectures and the workshops, we realized how essential and useful it is to use tools with our pupils because they are part of our lives and they have many educational advantages.

    Nevertheless, during the workshops with the HELMO’s students, we were surprised how sceptical they are to work with new technologies. This showed us that even if technology progresses are fast, the teacher’s minds are not always up to date. The institutions have to adapt their training methods, so that they could be used to the ICT and profit to them.

    The IP inspired us a lot and we are looking forward to using ICT in our practice.

    We were also pleased to meet so many nice folks. It was a dynamic group and we had a really good time all together. Thank you very much for the organization, it was a real pleasure for us to participate to this IP 🙂


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