Final report: “What did I learn during this IP?”

All the work is now over… Please, write an individual note answering the following question: “What did I learn during this IP?”. Thanks for your engagement!

Final videos: “How to teach with social media?”

The final creative workshop of the IP was to create, in different basic groups, a webvideo explaining to any teacher (geek or not) how it is possible to implement new (social) media in a classroom. You’ll find here the webvideos created by the participating students.

Day 5: Workshop at the University of Liège : building a lesson with “Scenariogramme” ©

Brigitte DENIS - workshop at University of LiegeOn Friday March 14, the IP students went to the University of Liège to meet Brigitte DENIS, teacher and lecturer at the CRIFA (Centre de Recherche sur l’Instrumentation, la Formation et l’Apprentissage). She prepared a workshop about the added value of ICT and social media in teaching. During the first part, the students had to think keywords related to “a task”, “a tool” and “an added value”. During the second part, the students had to build a “Scenariogramme” © : this means linking lesson’s objectives, a methodology (including ICT and social media tools and strategies) and the evaluation of the learning outcomes (with the added value of the ICT and social media tools).

workshop at the University of Liege DSCN1517 DSCN1522 DSCN1527 DSCN1531 DSCN1534 DSCN1541