Day one : « New (social) media : what is it? How to handle it? How to use it? »

As last year, we have no wifi connection at the ip’s ouverture. But the adversity make us stronger as last year, I’m sure.

IP Introduction by Martine :

First contact and activity between students and teachers :

As an introduction of the IP, several participating teachers will give short lectures about social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) ant the new communication tools that can be linked to it (Prezi, PLE, online video editing and downloading, cloud computing, etc.). This will give to the participating students a general overview about content and tools that they can use during the IP to lead their reflection and build their own material.

“What is new (social) media?” by Patrick DEJARNAC (teacher at HELMo, Liège-Belgium)

This lecture will introduce the participants to social media: definitions, facts, statistics, surveys and regulations about the most important internet sites and companies (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…) but also on some emerging tendencies and trends (Snapchat, Pinterest…). The aim is to enable everyone to have an overview of the field of social networks. The lecturer will not take a position “for” or “against” but he will exhibit a series of statistical data so that participants can subsequently develop their own thinking and undergo their own researches on this theme. Legislation (in terms of copyright and image rights) will also be explained to allow legal use of these tools and media during the IP.
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Because the absence of wifi, the program is changed and we continued with Patrick :

“The importance of videos in social media + trends and moods in video making” by Patrick DEJARNAC (teacher at HELMo, Liège-Belgium)

This conference aims to explain the growing importance of videos on the Internet and especially in social networks and sharing sites. The presence of videos attracts not only more people but also allows the user to larger broadcasting and a greater buzz. With the advent of multifunctional mobile phones and smartphones, combined to easy and free online editing softwares, the general public has the ability to create and perform its own videos . New trends and new patterns have emerged recently in video making: lipdub , cupsong timelapse … Social networks allow you to share these videos with millions of people. Used appropriately, these videos can also pursue an educational goal and achieve new goals of education and training, particularly to a new type of public (the new generations).
The objective of this conference is to enable IP participants to learn the main “grammatical” rules about the language of the images (frame, scale, shots’values, camera axis …), to draw attention on the techniques constraints for filming and editing (white balance, audio capture, synchronization between image and sound …) and to explain how to download existing videos from the web. The lecture will also show the latest fashions and trends in video productions. All this to allow participants to a better integration of video content in the work to be produced and broadcasted during this IP.

During this presentation and a videoscribe’s presentation, the song of the last year’s IP made is apparition : Let’s go to the beach. Isnt’ fine that last year’s students with be with us?